NJWC Scholarship Fund

The Naples Juniors foremost philanthropic endeavor is our NJWC Scholarship Fund. Each of our annual and ad-hoc fundraisers contribute to The Fund.
Our Committee takes a hands-on roll in delivering the accomplishments of our fundraising efforts as a Club to local high school students who we believe are most deserving based on their academic, extra-curricular, and self-developed accomplishments.

Award applicants are sincerely evaluated on an individual basis by our NJWC Scholarship Committee from information provided by their Naples Juniors Scholarship Application. The Application includes academically-based questions such as course load, GPA, class rank, as well as extra-curricular activities, participation in philanthropic initiatives, desired career path, family situation, financial needs, etc., as well as a personal essay. Weighted as most character-illuminating, the Personal Essays are what compel most decisions for the Committee.
The NJWC proudly awards three (3) $2,500 scholarships to local graduating high school students to continue their education.

The Naples Juniors Scholarship Application is posted annually on the Community Foundation of Collier County’s website: http://www.cfcollier.org/students/scholarships/ 


NJWC 2019 Scholarship Recipients

Emmah Walker

Join the Scholarship Committee

As a member of the Committee, you will share in an experience unlike any other NJWC event. The Scholarship Committee not only has the privilege and responsibility to select the award winners from stacks of dynamic and worthy candidates, but also the honor of personally presenting the awards to the girls, meeting their families, receiving and extending hugs of mutual gratitude, and witnessing first hand why we work as hard as we do for our fundraisers throughout the year. I like to think of the Scholarship Committee as the heart of Naples Junior Woman’s Club …
Opportunities to participate in the NJWC Scholarship Committee include:

Recipient Selection Meeting
Traditionally, this meeting is held at the Scholarship Committee Chair’s home. It is informal and cozy: we all sit in the living room, divide up the scholarship applications to read and “rate” them individually before we present our favorites to the group. We ‘duke it out’ case by case until we narrow our selection down to seven winners. 
Scholarship Tea
The Tea is held annually at the Woman’s Club House on Park Street and hosted by the Woman’s Club. Our award recipients and their families, as well as all the award recipients for the various awards offered by the Woman’s Club, are invited to attend. The place is packed. The Woman’s Club members graciously provide tea sandwiches and baked confections and Juniors contribute the customary pink sherbet punch. We do our awards presentation at the end of the Tea: The NJWC President (or the Scholarship Committee Chair) will call each winner up to the front of the room, encourage them to say a few words about their goals for the future, and give them each a rose and a certificate. Afterward all attending Juniors join the award recipients to take pictures and mingle with their families before we adjourn.
High School Awards Nights
Each local high school honors its students with an awards assembly toward the end of the school year. These assemblies take place during the week, in the evening. As NJWC representatives, two Juniors from the Committee attend each high school awards night to present the winner(s) with their certificate.

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